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Blood Typing

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ABO Blood Typing—Student Laboratory Kit

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Blood typing is done prior to a blood transfusion or when classifying a person’s blood for donation. Blood typing is a fast and easy way to ensure that you receive the right kind of blood during.

Blood typing is also used to determine the blood group of potential donors at blood donation centres. Units of blood that are collected from donors are blood typed and then appropriately labelled so that they can be used for people that require a specific ABO group and Rh type.

For example, when type A blood is mixed with type B blood, the proteins on the type A red blood cells react with the serum proteins of type B blood. This antibody/antigen reaction causes severe clumping (agglutination) of the red blood cells. The purpose of this lab is to perform a slide ABO/Rh blood typing procedure, discuss the clinical significance of ABO/Rh blood typing, and how antigens and antibodies relate to the.

ABO blood typing is the most important test in medical labratory and blood banking system, performed by both on transfusion recipients and blood donors. Blood typing and cross matching are most commonly done to make certain that a person who needs a transfusion will recieve blood that matches(is compatible) his must recieve blood.

Blood typing lab. Students will be able to simulate blood typing to identify the ABO and Rh blood types of four simulated blood samples.

Blood Typing Blood typing lab
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This is a simple and very effective blood type compatibility demonstration