Pinterest snow globe writing activity

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Snow Globes Writing Lesson and Craft

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If I Were In A Snow Globe Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizers

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Foldable Booklets

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A History Of’s Word Of The Year

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This week is fire prevention week and we’ve been sharing some of our fire truck and firefighter themed crafts on our Pinterest and Facebook now it’s time for something new on the blog.

This fire truck math activity is really also a writing one although I only marketed it as a math one for my son. See he isn’t super keen on writing but he loves math. Our snow globe project and writing were a huge success and definitely something that I will be doing in the future! It’s nice to be able to have all the snowy fun without having to deal with the actual freezing temperatures and hassle of real snow!Update: A lot of people have asked about the snow glitter.

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Pinterest snow globe writing activity
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