Psychological science agenda

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The Enduring APS Agenda

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Offbeat: Psychological science can make your meetings better —

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The Real APS Agenda

Fractal physiology New York: Plucked-organization requires a particular movie of interaction to gloss the processes that must work together. The agenda is a simple one: The aim of APS is to advance psychological science.

Although the agenda is simple, the implementation is not. The articles in this issue of the Observer provide a sample of current initiatives and concerns of APS that are related to our overall aim.

APS has also been effective in influencing federal policies and actions affecting psychological science.

Setting the APS Agenda

APS has done all of this with the efforts of a small but enormously dedicated, talented, and effective APS central office staff, a few Board meetings (and many of those were conference calls), and even fewer committee meetings.

Mar 17,  · SCIENCE BRIEFS. Mapping the Social Space of the Face By Alexander Todorov. Alexander Todorov's research focuses on the cognitive and neural mechanisms of person perception with a particular emphasis on the social dimensions of face perception.

Psychological Science Agenda | December Science Briefs Children and Internet Use: Social, Psychological and Academic Consequences for Low-income Children Does Using the Internet Affect Children's Development? But the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying the generation of intrinsic rewards are largely unclear (Braver et al., ).

For example, we are currently examining the neural correlates when curiosity leads us to make a seemingly irrational decision. Psychological Science Agenda | December Science Briefs Children and Internet Use: Social, Psychological and Academic Consequences for Low-income Children Does Using the Internet Affect Children's Development?

Psychological science agenda
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APA Psychological Science Agenda - February