Rosalind as ganymede

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Describe the love between Orlando and Rosalind in As You Like It.

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Describe the love between Orlando and Rosalind in As You Like It.

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A summary of Themes in William Shakespeare's As You Like It. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of As You Like It and what it means. The most dramatic and unmistakable change, of course, occurs when Rosalind assumes the disguise of Ganymede.

As a young man, Rosalind demonstrates how vulnerable to. Get an answer for 'Comment on Rosalind as Ganymede in As You Like It and elaborate how she coped with being a man and a women at the same time' and find homework help for other As You Like It.

In disguise as Ganymede, Rosalind adopts the spirit of Touchstone's parody but heaps the abuse directly on Orlando. In the examination noted above in which she points out how much Orlando lacks the "careless desolation" of a true lover (or "fancy-monger," ), she puts him in a classic double-bind.

For Rosalind's assumed name, Ganymede, is a very deliberate reference to the young male lover Zeus carried up to Olympus, and it points us to what might be a very strong element in the courtship game between Orlando and Rosalind and in the feelings Phoebe has for Rosalind, namely homoerotic desire.

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There's little in the play to suggest this. Get an answer for 'Comment on Rosalind as Ganymede in As You Like It and elaborate how she coped with being a man and a women at the same time' and find homework help for other As You Like It.

Rosalind has removed her "Ganymede" disguise and is now ready to marry Orlando. Still, we have to wonder: Is Rosalind's transformation from "Ganymede" back to Rosalind a change for the better? It seems like she's now undergone the obvious transformation from a young man to a marriageable woman.

Rosalind as ganymede
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