The problem of expensive fossil fuels in schleswig holstein

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Black Future: The World's Ever-Increasing Hunger for Coal

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Friends against wind — Together against wind turbines

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Black Future: The World's Ever-Increasing Hunger for Coal

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But the problem of "consistency" or variability the northern states of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg (reflecting part of the environmental and health damage from fossil fuels). Advocates of the fossil-fuel industry, in particular, claimed that wind, solar and biomass sources were simply too expensive, and realistically would never be able to provide more than 3–4 percent of the demand for electricity.

Fossil fuels supply humanity with the vast majority of our energy demands, and at a growing rate. Reducing energy use is seen as a key solution to the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 14 percent in the US state of Iowa, 40 percent in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, and 20 percent in Denmark.

Burning fossil fuels – gas, coal, oil and more recently shale gas – are considered the most economic ways to generate electricity. Fossil fuel however, is a finite resource, the cost of which increases sharply as the availability decreases.

Renewable energy debate

Germany independent of fossil fuels in the long term. Coal, oil and gas were to be phased out, allowing drastic reductions in carbon di- Our problem descrip-tion in section 1. focuses on this simple question. It shows that wind and solar energy, which Gegenwind Schleswig-Holstein Waltraud Plarre.

But even with fossil fuels, the number of advocates increases with the experience. For gas-fired power plants the acceptance increases from 20 to 50% and with coal from 5 to 14%.

On the other hand, if the respondents had previous experience with nuclear power, the agreement decreases from 6 to 5%.

The problem of expensive fossil fuels in schleswig holstein
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