Write a note on magnetic properties of lanthanides

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Lanthanide Contraction

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Lanthanide Contraction

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Inner transition elements – the lanthanides and actinides In the lanthanides, the 4f electronic orbitals are being filled (elements 57 to 71, 4f 1 to 4f 14) while the two outer shell electronic configurations are 5d 0.

Lanthanides [A] LANTHANIDES: 4f block elements Definition: The f- block (inner transition) elements containing partially filled 4f-subshells are known as Lanthanides or Lanthanones because of their close similarities with element lanthanum (atomic no: 57).

The fourteen elements from atomic no: 58 to 71 constitute lanthanides. Basicity differences are shown in the solubility of the salts and the formation of the complex species.

Another property of the Lanthanides is their magnetic characteristics. The major magnetic properties of any chemical species are a result of the fact that each moving electron is a micromagnet. Lanthanide contraction plays an important role in explaining many properties of lanthanides.

Electronegativity - There is a slight increase in elctronegativity of trivalent ions. I onic radius - There is a steady decrease in the ionic size. It is interesting to note that the f block elements (lanthanides and actinides) are placed outside the body of the periodic table.

The reason for this is the remarkable similarities among the chemical properties of the lanthanides and also among the various members of actinides.

Write a note on magnetic properties of lanthanides
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